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Greetings and welcome to TechBox North! I’m happy you found my little corner of the internet, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Anders and I live in a small town in the middle of Sweden. All my life I have been interested in technology like computers, videogames and so on. My favorite kind of games are 2D retro styled games that reminds me of 8bit and 16bit era. For a very long time I though “it would be so cool to make my own videogames one day” but I never did anything about it, until about 10 years ago. So for a decade now I have been on and of about learning how to make games and I have tried numerous game engines and coding languages and now I mainly use GameMaker Studio 2 and Construct 3. On occation I persue learning Unity game engine.

Screenshot of Construct 3
Screenshot of Game Maker Studio 2

I still consider myself a hobbyist/amateur but maybe some day I’ll level up and become more of a indie developer but for now I’m still learning.


Once again welcome and feel free to have a look around and check out my previous games and current projects.