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I need to rethink this!

Resizing the project

As I was working on the game these last couple of weeks I started to feel overwhelmed by the size of it and the amount of work it would require to get it done. I finally realized that I’m not ready to take on a project this big. I’m going to have to resize it from being a metroidvania game to something more like a platform action game similar to the classic Castlevania games on the 8bit Nintendo.

So for the next couple of weeks, I will be looking over the plans for the game to make the necessary changes and also make them more detailed to make it even clearer what needs to be done.

Meanwhile: minigames!

While I’m reworking the plans for the main project I will be making smaller games suitable for the web because they are fun to make and helps me relax. I’ll probably have one up here every other week or so. The first one is a simple slider puzzle, it is almost done I just need to make it look a bit nicer and add some sound and music.

Slider puzzle title screen
Scrambled puzzle ready to be solved

See you soon!

That’s it for now, thank you very much for stopping by and reading! I’ll see you again in a week or two!