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Construct time again

Changed back to Construct 3

In my last post, I said I was moving my game to GameMaker Studio 2 and so I did but after a week of trying to catch up to what I already had, I changed my mind and went back to Construct 3. The problem was with moving platforms up and down and from side to side and also jump through platforms, I could not get them to work properly so to stop wasting time I went back to Construct 3 and had them all working the way I wanted in less than 45 minutes.

Jumping slime enemy

As a kind of homage to the jumping slimes in the classic 8bit Nintendo game Zelda II: The adventure of Link, I made my own version of it and put it in the game. It is not a very smart enemy as it just jumps around randomly unless the player is close enough to be detected, then it jumps towards the player but with random height and distance. I really like the nostalgic feeling it brings to the game.

Some green slimes jumping around the player

Planning ahead

I spent a couple of days writing down some plans for all the locations and biome types and when I was done I had 10 different biomes, 21 locations all spread out over 3 main areas. I will explain more about this later on as the game progresses.

The last few days I have been building rough versions of all the locations as they will be helpful to have when it is time to lay out the main storyline along with side quests and mini-puzzles and so on.

Part of the quick and dirty layout of what will be the players home village

Until next time

That is all I have, for now, hopefully, it won’t be as long until the next post. Thanks for reading!