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Angry wasp and changing game engine

It is 2019

So we are already one week into 2019 and after the Christmas and new years celebrations are over it is time get this project’s momentum moving properly again. One new enemy and some behind the scenes changes have been made since the last post.

Angry wasps buzzing in the air

A classic must have type of enemy for this kind of game is, of course, the wasp! The wasp is flying back and forth through the air and will attack the player repeatedly as long as it is in range but if the player quickly runs away the wasp will lose interest and be on his merry way. Wasps are a relatively easy enemy to create but in-game the notoriously annoying and quite effective when met in numbers, better watch out!

Here we see the player being chased by an angry wasp.

Switching from Construct 3 to GameMaker Studio 2

Already when I started this project I thought a lot about which of the two engines I should use. I finally chose Construct 3 because of how fast it is to get things going in it. However, after implementing the wasp enemy I decided to move the project over to GameMaker Studio 2 to take advantage of its more precise and flexible use of variables and other data structures. Also, GMS2 gives a more “writing code” feel to the game development process. I will cause the progress to slow down quite a bit but in the end, I’ll have more options available when it comes to exporting to different platforms, especially consoles.

What writing code looks like in GameMaker Studio 2

This decision was not made because of Construct 3 being a bad engine as I’m sure it is more than capable to handle a project like this.

So this week I will be rebuilding what I have so far in GMS2 before I continue adding new enemies, objects and features. I welcome you back next week to check on my progress.

Thank you for reading!