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Puzzles and enemies

It’s Christmas!

Another week has passed and amidst all the Christmas craziness I actually managed to add some things to my current game project.

New scrolling system

I have completely changed how the sidescrolling system works, now the camera smoothly follows the player throughout the entire current level. This way it will be a lot easier to design interesting levels later on when the time comes for that.

Trees ‘n stuff

Despite my shortcomings as a graphics artist I decided to at least replace most of the single colored boxes with a quickly made tileset. Also made some trees to fill out the background so it won’t look so empty. The result is not fantastic but still a great improvement from before.

Puzzle blocks

I have made a small puzzle that needs to be solved in order to open a door (for now just a large black rectangle) and to solve the puzzle the player has to push around three blocks and arrange them in a way so that the last block stands on a button keeping it pressed down. Not much of a puzzle right now but it is easily expandable to suit future needs.

Screenshot showing the pushable blocks puzzle with the new trees and tileset in the background

Spear throwing enemy

Lastly, I have added an enemy type that can throw spears. It is patroling between specific points until the player steps inside the range of its line of sight, then it starts to chase the player. If the enemy gets close enough to the player the enemy starts thrusting its spear at the player. When the player runs away and the enemy can’t keep up it throws the spear toward the player and then runs back to his designated spear rack, gets a new spear and then starts patrolling again.

Screenshot of the new enemy throwing his spear at the player. Also seen is the spear rack and in the background, the underground version of the tileset is used.

I’m having fun!

I’m having a really good time whenever I’m working on the game and new ideas for additions to it pop up in my head all the time. I have updated the html test version if you want to test it out: pixel game

See you next week!