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New game project started!

This week I have started working on a new game project based on one of the ideas I have written down a couple of years ago.

What kind of game is it?

The game will be an action-adventure platforming type of game (Metroidvania) with some light rpg elements blended in that will allow the player character to evolve over time. The graphics will be in a retro pixel-art style, at least for now anyway since I’ll be making the placeholder art myself. Depending on who I can find to do the actual artwork that could change. 2018 has very much been a year with a lot of pixel art style games and I know that people are kind of tired of it right now but if I find it to be the best fit for the game then that is what it will be.

A screenshot showing some very basic placeholder graphics.

What I have so far

So far I have put together most of the core platforming mechanics along with some moving platforms and pushable blocks. The pushable blocks proved trickier than I had expected to get working properly but now they finally behave the way I want them to. Lastly, I have made a scrolling system so that when the player hits the edge on either side of the screen, the game stops while the camera moves an entire screen in that direction.

Next, I will be creating some enemies, traps and hazards and so on. I don’t know how much time I’ll have for this during Christmas but surely I’ll manage some quick enemy prototypes.

Screenshot of Construct 3 showing some of the logic required for the pushable block.

My biggest project yet

This is going to be a long term project, my biggest one so far actually and I don’t expect it to be finished until first quarter of 2020 at the earliest. Taking on a project of this size is exciting and scary at the same time because I know there will be a lot of things that I’m gonna have to learn along the way but hopefully, in the end, I will be able to overcome any hurdles and finish the game.

Test the game!

I have a test browser version of the game setup and will update it whenever I make any significant changes. Feel free to test it here: Pixelgame (working title)

Check back for updates

I’ll try and manage to post updates once a week so I welcome you to check back here and follow the progress as it goes. Thank you very much for reading!