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The first devlog

Turns out that my very first post on this “devblog” will be about a game that I actually just finished.

It has been way too long since I finished a project, so to get back into it I thought I should make something simple and small. Something not too complicated and when it is done put it on the Google Play Store.

I thought about what to make and played some of the games I had installed on my phone and realized that I really like the game “Doodle Jump”. Also, Christmas is coming soon so that would be an appropriate theme, so I decided to make an infinite jumping game in which the player helps Santa gather all the Christmas presents that fell out of his sleigh.

Since I’m terrible at creating art I started to look around the internet and found some great free assets at For the music and sound effects, I went to This wasn’t going to a particularly ambitious project so I didn’t want to spend money on assets.

I made the game using Construct 3 which is my engine of choice because it is easy to learn and fast to use, it is the perfect fit for this kind of project.

Construct 3 Welcome screen
The main game layout with all the assets imported, looks pretty nice.
Part of the event sheet showing some of the jumping logic, the jetpack and jump booster.

The game was finished over a weekend with only some tweaking and fixing the third day.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll return soon to keep a more continuous devlog of my next project and I have an article about some “Tips and tricks” coming soon. Oh and I should probably do something about that empty “About” page too.

See ya next time!